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Purity is an American-made e-liquid designed and sold exclusively in the United Kingdom. eVo is a sister brand to Purity and is an American-made e-liquid that is sold worldwide.

Purity was founded in 2014 and is the UK trading name of Halo, an American leader in the E-liquid industry. All brands are owned and operated worldwide by Nicopure Labs.

In July of 2009, Jason Del Giudice, Jeffrey Stamler, and his brother Ken Stamler recognised an immense opportunity in the vaping industry. With a great deal of research, passion and ingenuity, they established Nicopure Labs (originally the Halo Company), revolutionising the industry by producing the purest, most consistent, best tasting e-liquid in the world.

What began as a modest three-man operation, family-owned and operated Nicopure Labs launched Halo (known as Purity in the UK), specialising in tobacco, menthol, and gourmet flavored e-liquids. As the first e-liquid line with tamper-resistant seals, best-by-dating, and lot numbers on its bottles, Halo quickly became one of the most trusted e-liquid brands in the world.

As the industry has evolved, so has the demand for a wider selection of flavours. Nicopure Labs responded by creating the eVo e-liquid line.
Today, the company continues to lead the way with products of unmatched quality, and through an unwavering commitment to employees, customers, and the industry.

Purity eLiquids and eVo eLiquids are recognised as premium quality brands worldwide. With an emphasis on higher standards and quality, Purity has earned their reputation by taking home awards from Spinfuel, PC Magazine and numerous other vaping organisations. The safety and satisfaction of their customers is their top priority.